Rapid Growth MAT Level 1 Teacher Instructor Training

Congratulations!! You are going to BALI!!!!!

5-7 February 2020!

In Bali, Indonesia

I am so excited to meet you in Bali! This training will be so much more than your average instructors training! 

During this live 3 day event you will:

  1. Work side by side with Evette Rose while you master the Level 1 Technique material

  2. Learn to become the best 'teacher version' of yourself

  3. Feel confident and ready to transform people's lives with your skills and knowledge

  4. Step into your power as a leader

  5. Get a break from your day to day mundane life and improve your teaching skills in a tropical paradise

  6. Go with Evette to one of her sacred waterfalls for a waterfall blessing and blessing from a Balinese Shaman and Energy Healer

  7. Network and build support groups and life long friendships!

  8. Practice what you have learned and we film teaching footage for you that you can already to start use when you complete the training!

...... there is more! Below are benefits and regulations of becoming a teacher!

Footage of the resort where you will be staying. Photos were taken from prior events hosted by Evette Rose

You WON the Level 1 Teacher Training Special Deal

$495.00 usd 

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 4.30.14 PM.png

NOTE: Invest for the Teacher Training is non-refundable

Combine it with the Level 3 Soul To Purpose Master Class!

I am ready to enroll for both events!

$3490.00 USD (instead of $4290!)

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 4.30.14 PM.png

Did you miss the last event? Here is what happened!


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