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Rapid Growth Level 1 

Live and Online Events

Level 1 Course is a requisite for the Level 2 Live Event

23 - 25  October 2020

Rapid Growth MAT Level 1 Live

ONLINE class

Language: English

Teacher: Zuzana Akshara


7 - 8  November 2020

Rapid Growth MAT Level 1 Live in Szczecin.

Language: Polish

Teacher: David Weidemann


23 - 25  October 2020

Rapid Growth MAT Level 1 Live

ONLINE class

Language: English

Teacher: Eva Zetkova


20 - 22  November 2020

Rapid Growth MAT Level 1 Live ONLINE class.

Language: English

Teacher: Monika Dulian

25 - 27  October 2020

Rapid Growth MAT Level 1 Live

ONLINE class

Language: Arabic

Teacher: Mohannad Mozayek


21 - 22  November 2020

Rapid Growth MAT Level 1 Live in Prague.

Language: Czech

Teacher: Eva Zetkova

NOTE: These courses are non-refundable. You can re-sell or transfer it to a friend!

Metaphysical Anatomy Healing Technique 

During the Level 1 Live Event you will learn Evette’s latest research related trauma release methods and understanding how the body stores trauma.  You will learn why we don’t  always fully heal from ailments and emotional blocks. This includes how and why these blocks surface in your body in the first place. The body has its own language. Its purpose is to serve you so that you can fully serve your purpose in life. We disconnect from our body and fail to listen when it communicates to us that it’s lacking emotional and supplemental resources in order to support the lifestyle that you live daily. Learn how ancestral predispositions can resurface in your life as a result of your environment and trauma. Ultimately you are an expression of your DNA lineage but that also doesn’t mean that you have to suffer the consequences of ailments and psychological challenges that have been stored in your genetic make-up.  Once you understand the language of the body, you can greatly improve your quality of life and restore your relationship with the vessel that is meant to support you to reclaim and achieve your greatness! MAT Rapid Growth will awaken your intuition and show you how to take your power back, heal and reclaim your true authentic self. 

Identifying the psychosomatic pattern related to 679 medical conditions

What you will learn during the Level 1 Live Events:

  • We discuss “What is Trauma?”

  • The difference between trauma and symptoms in the body

  • The difference between trauma and emotions and the expression of it in our body

  • Understanding how to release a trauma that was caused by a traumatic event

  • Secondary trauma in the body

  • The difference between completing trauma and surviving trauma

  • Dissociating from trauma instead of healing and resolving it

  • The benefit of a dissociative state

  • The problem with dissociating or bypassing trauma

  • How to recognize the difference between a fear and your intuition

  • Trauma cycles completing themselves and how your instinctive responses play a role

  • How emotional reactions and instinctive responses can become life long coping mechanisms

  • How we form negative associations with positive actions

  • Understanding how other people's emotions and habits can influence our character and how to change that 

  • Different ways your intuition can surface

  • Secondary gain and how to break the stubborn cycle

  • The Rapid Growth Level 1 Healing Technique with demonstrations

  • Free access to the Level 1 Refresher online course

  • The disconnection process

  • Part Integration

  • Releasing negative states of mind that no longer serve you

  • Level 1 Online Support Forum, Whatsapp Support Group and we host monthly Live Q & A Webinars hosted by Evette Rose

If you wish to take your journey even further then you can join Evette Rose at one of her live Rapid Growth Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner Certification Courses  This live event is also ideal if just want to work on yourself and become your own best practitioner! Once you have completed the Level 2 course you will receive a Rapid Growth Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioners Certification. Evette will also be hosting live webinars to support practitioners once to twice a month. Once you are ready to officially book into the Level 2 course, then please email us and we will send a discounted price and deduct your investment from the Level 2 course.

Are you a mover and shaker? Do want to become a

Level 1 Teacher Instructor and certify people to become a Rapid Growth Level 1 Practitioner? 


Evette Rose will personally host Q & A webinars to Support Level 1 students. These webinars are also recorded and you will have access previously recorded webinars!!


You will also join our 24/7 LIVE WhatsApp Group. Here you will have direct and live access to Level 1 Students including Evette Rose. You will also be added to a Live Broadcast Group where Evette will post daily videos and information as well as answer questions.

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